FAQ: Extra-curricular activities

What extra-curricular activities does Servite offer?
At Servite, we offer a wide range of academic, sporting, creative and spiritual extra-curricular activities. Some notable extra-curricular activities include inter-school sports, our music program, drama and dance productions, a range of national and international trips, and social events such as the River Cruise, Dinner Dance and Ball (depending on the year level). Please download the Extra-curricular Activities information sheet for more details.

How can my child get involved in extra-curricular activities?
Once the school year begins, sign-ups for various extra-curricular activities will be advertised in the daily notices. It will typically involve attending a meeting during Break time to receive information, ask any questions and sign up. Alternatively, students can contact the staff member in charge of the extra-curricular activity for more information.

What is NAS and how can my child get involved?
The Northern Associated Schools (NAS) inter-school sports competition is organised by the Associated Catholic Colleges (ACC). In the NAS, Servite College competes with 4 other schools in our district – Newman College, John XXIII College, Sacred Heart College and Chisholm College. The competition is only for Term 1 and Term 2, with different year levels competing on different days of the week. Your child can get involved in NAS by attending the trials which are held early in each term.