Servite College is a dynamic learning community. As we learn, we acquire and develop memories and behaviours, including skills, knowledge, understanding, values and wisdom. Learning is the goal of education and the product of experience. Learning is a process.

Servite has adopted an inquiry approach to holistic learning that deepens understanding and builds on existing knowledge through local and global contexts.

At Servite we

  • Build resilience in our students
  • Develop skills in thinking and other key approaches to learning
  • Design learning opportunities where all students can experience success – personalised learning
  • Use various approaches to learning and contemporary tools that support the creation, use and transference of knowledge
  • Reflect and evaluate to promote a critical awareness of one’s own learning
  • Plan for purposeful teaching
  • Articulate high expectations that when implemented will lead to optimum student outcomes
  • Target professional learning for teachers that focuses on developing the core attributes and capacities of an effective teacher

Servite delivers an integrated curriculum, challenging the creativity, initiative and ability of each student.

Our curriculum is attentive to the needs of the individual in this century and how each person best learns, encouraging all to work to the best of their ability, by aiming to provide authentic, relevant and dynamic learning opportunities that are formed around an intercultural awareness, holistic learning and effective means of communication.

Students are shown that learning takes place at school and at home in partnership with teachers, their families and themselves.

Servite College seeks to develop partnerships with the wider community to enable the sharing of resources and facilitate community based learning and growth.

Learning in Year 7

When our students come to us in Year 7, bright eyed and excited about the beginning of their learning journey at Servite, we tap into our students natural curiousity. We are conscious of providing a transition to Secondary school that encourages each individual to discover their own personal learning trajectory. We want our students to experience a range of subjects so that they can see what they are good at, identify their areas for growth and develop interests they are passionate about.

All students in Year 7 are exposed to all subjects:

Core subjects

  • English
  • Science
  • Maths
  • Physical Education
  • Humanities

Elective subjects

  • Technologies (Robotics, Coding, Textiles, Home Economics and Woodwork)
  • Performing Arts (Dance, Drama)
  • The Arts (Media, Fine Art, Photography)
  • Languages (Indonesian and Italian)

We want our Year 7 students to build their capacity for research skills, time management, study strategies and working collaboratively and independently as this skill set is important right throughout their secondary schooling. We encourage our students to learn from their successes and their failures as we see this as a first attempt in learning. It is, after all, in failing that we truly learn, it is also in failure that we learn persistence and develop a growth mindset that forces us to grow and learn.

We see our Year 7 students as natural inquirers whom are seeking answers and knowledge as we foster their curiosity in a dynamic learning environment that meets their personal needs.


FAQ: Learning

How much homework should my child be doing?
Homework may include written or practical work, reading or study. The amount of homework for Year 7 students will be graduated over their transition, so that they have plenty of time to adjust before being assigned a full load.

The appropriate amounts of homework (including study) for different year groups are:
• Year 7: 1.25 hours, 5 times per week
• Year 8: 1.5 hours, 5 times per week
• Year 9: 2 hours, 5 times per week
• Year 10: 2.5 hours, 6 times per week
• Years 11-12: 3 hours, 6 times per week

What should I do if my child has difficulty with a subject?
If your child has any difficulty with a subject, contact the subject teacher via email.

All Servite staff email addresses follow the same format –

Alternatively, please call College Reception on (08) 9444 6333.